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Crypto Twitter Update 1st July

With Bitcoin (BTC) currently trading at $10,932 after reaching close to $13,000 last week, tweeters who lost money are understandably quiet – while others have a lot to say. Here’s a summary of the latest comments.


Most tweeters were very subdued today, with the exception @KoroushAK commenting that this channel had remained a “voice of ‘reason’ during the surge of euphoria”, and @Bitblocks2022 complaining that Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, is “shady.”


Here the discussion mainly focussed on Bitcoin. A handle called @btcdgb feared that if the cryptocurrency should drop below $10,000, the next target could be $6,000, and the situation would only get worse if it dropped further.The comment came right after @wolfenztein tweeted: “All this bullishness in here confirms $8,500.”


There are many Bitcoin bears here right now. Account @BillSpringall is convinced it is heading for $8,800, while @Coryjackets is more concerned about whether Ethereum (ETH) will follow Bitcoin’s example.


The channel owner said earlier that his perfect scenario has turned into a reality: the Litecoin/Bitcoin ratio (LTC/BTC) has finally moved downward into what he called the “green zone”. He added that it has so far already reached 10%. A week ago, he predicted that a dip into the green zone might well be followed by a price surge.


On this channel, an account called @AlexSau37473923 got involved in a heated debate with @MrStyzz over the prospects of Chainlink (LINK). The latter feels that contrary to Ethereum, there is no inherent demand for this cryptocurrency. The former then pointed out that the Oracle team, a $193 billion data management firm, was currently actively integrating LINK.


Among the chatter, a tweet by @Geek_Says stood out. He said the dollar chart for TomoChain (TOMO) now looked extra bullish and that it was forming a clear ascending triangle. He expects a possible price surge of as high as 100%.

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