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Crypto Update 5th July

With Bitcoin (BTC) still not indicating where it’s headed next, there is still a lot of discussion about this cryptocurrency. However, other digital currencies are also stepping into the limelight now.


The Cryptomist posted a chart of Ethereum (ETH) with a candle trendline. He added that he was particularly interested in RSI at the moment. He expected it to break through the RSI support level and drop to 252 and maybe even 236.

On the topic of Bitcoin, he said he expected a re-test of 11,850 within 18 hours, with support at 10,790.


Here the discussion was mostly dominated by Bitcoin. Although a few tweeters were despondent over the cryptocurrency’s chances of recovering, most remained positive. Using either Elliott waves or RSI, tweeters tried to prove that BTC was set for a breakout to the upside.


In this channel, @Almoustaneer posted a chart with an Elliott wave analysis showing BTC will soon break out to between 14,400 and 15,200. Account @BlackDiamondRsc posted an Elliott Wave analysis of Ethereum that reached a similar conclusion to what @thecryptomist said above: it will soon retreat.


This handle remains bullish about Bitcoin. He tweeted earlier that should you find yourself having negative emotions about the cryptocurrency, “remember that we are now in a bull market.”


Here @BenDelSant posted a chart of Celer Network (CELR) and explained that it had bounced from a re-test and broken out to the upside of a falling wedge. He reminded readers that the 8 July Mainnet was fully endorsed by @SatoshiFlipper. His prediction? “This one is going to POP!”


On this channel, @anotherBTCfan pointed out a few hours ago that OneLedger (OLD) was 0.13x from its ICO. He added that despite the fact that it was up by two times what it was last month, it remained a great buy.

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