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Avatrade Account Types

Review By: Alan Little
Review Updated: September 5, 2022

First set up in 2006 by a team of experienced industry professionals, AvaTrade is one of the pioneering platforms in the online trading and investment space. Since then, AvaTrade has established itself across six continents, where it services an increasingly international client base.

Users have flocked to the AvaTrade platform in recent years because of the wide choice of assets, pioneering trading technology, and generous trading conditions on offer.

These generous trading conditions are delivered through a range of different account types, each of which serves the needs of a specific type of client.

This includes a Retail account, Standard account and Professional account. In addition, all of these account types can be used as a demo account or an Islamic account. 

What trading accounts are available at Avatrade?

A Quick Overview of Avatrade Account Types

Just like many of the other popular trading platforms these days, AvaTrade offers a number of different trading accounts. These are designed to give you a trading experience that can be tailored to the type of trader you are.

Overall, there are three main account types on offer: Retail, Standard and Professional. Additionally, each of these account types can be used as either a Demo account or an Islamic trading account.

The main differences between the account types on offer relate to pricing, as well as the fees you might get charged for executing trades on the platform. Whether or not you qualify for a particular type of account will usually be dictated by the trading volumes you expect to use.

AvaTrade Account Types

As mentioned, AvaTrade gives users signing up to the platform access to three main account types – Retail, Standard and Professional.

Generally speaking, this is pretty much the standard selection of options that we would expect from a broker of AvaTrade’s size. There are accounts aimed at professionals, as well as two aimed at more casual traders. Beyond this, however, there isn’t that much variation.

On the one hand, it would be good to see AvaTrade add in some more account options. However, given how competitive the pricing and general trading conditions are across all account types, it isn’t really too much of an issue.

Each account type offers specific benefits, and it is easy to understand whether they apply to you, though the differences between the Retail and Standard accounts aren’t too significant. Additionally, the Professional trading account will be out of reach for most traders as they likely won’t meet the minimum account activity thresholds.

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AvaTrade Standard Account

As the name suggests, the ‘Standard’ account is the basic account type that most traders signing up with AvaTrade will use.

Although the exact trading conditions you get offered might vary from region to region, the conditions are pretty good overall. You are given access to a wide range of instruments to trade, which includes CFDs on FX, stocks, cryptocurrencies and indices.

This is in addition to zero added trading fees, no commissions, and leverage of up to 30:1 (though this might vary from region to region). Additionally, as with all account types, the execution speeds are incredibly quick!

The Standard account is very much an all-rounder and should suit the needs of most traders!

AvaTrade Retail Account

In addition to the Standard account that most users will qualify for, there is also a ‘Retail’ account on offer. This is essentially the same as the Standard account but is primarily aimed at traders living within Europe.

It benefits from a low minimum deposit threshold, relatively competitive pricing when compared to the other major trading platforms and brokers, and zero commission trading. AvaTrade also offers a variety of other benefits such as negative balance protection and a wide range of trading tools.

The Retail account is very much an all-rounder and will suit the needs of most casual or part-time traders. If you want slightly more competitive pricing, then the Professional account might be worth checking out.

AvaTrade Professional Account

Those of you with professional trading experience might qualify for a Professional trading account with AvaTrade. In addition to having relevant industry experience, you will generally also have to meet a trading activity threshold for the last 12 months or have reached a portfolio threshold of more than $500,000/€500,000.

If you are able to meet these criteria, then the Professional trading account is a solid option. It gives you access to special benefits as well as very competitive pricing.


Overall, AvaTrade offers a solid selection of accounts that suit the needs of two main types of traders: casual traders trading on a part-time basis and professional traders.

Regardless of what category you fall into, you will be able to benefit from everything that AvaTrade has to offer. This includes extremely competitive pricing, fast execution speeds, and zero or low commissions.

Although it would be good to see a little more variety, we are pleased with the package that AvaTrade has put together – it provides really solid conditions for casual traders and professionals alike!