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How to verify your eToro account

Review By: Ivan Postoian
Review Updated: June 24, 2022

You will need to verify your identity to successfully open and administer an account with eToro.

Why do I have to verify my account?

Verifying your trading account allows eToro to adhere to financial service regulations and ensure you receive the best possible service. All personal information given to eToro is always confidential and is used only to ensure compliance. The items required to complete a successful account verification include:

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It is essential that you become verified as soon as possible to avoid any limitations being placed on your account that could affect account closure or the trading and withdrawal of funds. eToro reserves the right to request further ID documents at any point in order to remain compliant with regulations.

What is proof of identity?

Proof of identity comes in the form of documents that can be used to prove that you are who you claim to be. There are many acceptable forms of identity documents, including passports and driver’s licences as well as other documents from official sources which include your full name, date of birth and a photograph.

Verifying your phone number

It is mandatory to protect your account by verifying your phone number. After you fill in the online form to enter a valid mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS on your phone containing a code. This code will then need to be entered into the corresponding area within the form.

Verifying your address

If the document that you will be using to prove your identity does not also include your current home address, you will need to provide an alternative document offering proof of address in order to verify your account. Acceptable documents for this process include a bank statement or a utility bill.

The document has to be in your name, and it cannot be more than six months old. It will also need to contain your name, current address, the name of the issuer of the document, and the date on which the document was issued. eToro is happy to accept any bills issued by government agencies, judicial authorities, financial institutions or utility companies. If your document or bill is available in digital form, it can be sent to eToro either as a PDF document or in the form of a screenshot.

A proof of address document can be:

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Documents that will NOT be accepted as proof of address include:

How to upload documents

Uploading documents to help verify your account is a simple process. The documents need to be in either the .doc, .jpg or .pdf format before you can upload them. You can complete the process online by going to this page.