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Crypto Update 4th July

With Bitcoin (BTC) being in a position where things can now go either way, the discussions on Twitter are slowly returning to normal, with other cryptocurrencies also featuring. Here are some of the highlights.


Here @Tony88981 posted a Bitcoin chart that he said indicated a wedge with volume tapering off. He added: “ready for lift off?”

The Cryptomist also posted a BTC chart earlier saying that, as he predicted, it broke out and reached the first target. He added that if it closed higher than 11,823 today, the next targets would be 12,300 and 12,700.



This handle posted a summary of his trading activities for the last 12 months, showing it gained 23.8%. This was based on risking 0.5% to 1.0% per trade. He added that had he risked 5% per trade, his account would have been down 34% at one stage.


The discussion here focused on different ways of testing people’s IQ rather than cryptocurrencies. An account named @Crypto_Gainzz tweeted that someone who [recently] bought Ripple (XRP) must have a very low IQ.


Some tweeters here are starting to lose faith in Bitcoin. Referring to altcoins, an account called @jussyc123 tweeted the following: “Going to ride these alts down to all time low, gonna buy till I can’t no more.”


SatoshiFlipper posted a similar chart to the one shared by @thecryptomist earlier showing that Bitcoin has broken through the top side of a down-trending channel. @TRXcryptoWhale pointed out that Ren (REN) has dropped from 1,000 sats to 840, ChainLink (LINK) fell from 35,000 sats to 29,000 sats; and BitTorrent (BTT) was down from 17 sats to 10; all of them were impacted by Bitcoin.


Oddgems stated that Ethereum (ETC) and Bitcoin should form a standard part of every trader’s portfolio.

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